Healthcare Night

Friday, April 6, 2018 | 7:30 PM | Abravanel Hall


Healthcare Night is a fundraising effort led by physicians in support of Utah Symphony | Utah Opera (USUO) Education & Outreach. Contributions amounted to over $100,000 in each of the past two years. In addition to supporting USUO’s 40+ ongoing education programs, these gifts also count toward the 1:1 match in private donations required for USUO to receive public education funding from the Utah State Legislature.

The Impact of Your Donation

USUO’s extensive Education and Community Outreach programming reached 140,468 students and 6,157 teachers in 518 Utah schools last year. In addition to free performances, USUO provides classroom activities and projects, masterclasses, and instructional materials designed to meet the full range of grade level standards. USUO tours the state on a three- to five-year schedule to serve all Utah children multiple times in their K-12 years. With numerous partners among schools and service agencies, USUO also provides free performances for special audiences who would otherwise not be able to attend our live concerts and opera productions. These opportunities include USUO’s annual Night for the Blind and Visually Impaired, during which patrons have the ability to touch props and costumes as well as listen to a live description of the stage action, and the Access to Music concert for children and adults with autism or other conditions that would make it difficult for them to sit quietly through a performance.
For an introduction to Utah Symphony | Utah Opera’s education and community outreach program, please watch our six-minute video:

Contribution Levels & Benefits

Donors contributing at the levels listed below receive first-tier tickets to the April 6, 2018 concert with post-concert reception, access to VIP intermission reception, and special recognition in the symphony playbill. In addition, gifts of $1,000 and above are recognized in donor listings in all USUO programs for one year. Additional opera tickets are valid for the May 15, 2018 performance of Strauss’ Die Fledermaus. (The non-tax deductible amount covers goods and serviced accrued by ticket costs.)
Healthcare Friend ($300+)
Two tickets (non-tax deductible amount is $152)
Healthcare Patron ($600+)
Four tickets (non-tax deductible amount it $304)
Healthcare Sustainer ($1,000+)
Two tickets plus two opera tickets (non-tax deductible amount is $352)
Healthcare Benefactor ($2,000+)
Four tickets plus two opera tickets (non-tax deductible amount: $504)
Healthcare Leader ($5,000+)
Six tickets plus four opera tickets (non-tax deductible amount is $856)


2016-17 Healthcare Night Committee

Committee Co-Chairs
J.R. Baringer, M.D.
A.W. Middleton, M.D.
Committee Members
Amalia Cochran, M.D.
John Foley, M.D.
Bradford Hare, M.D., Ph.D.
Elizabeth Jensen, M.D.
Randy Jensen, M.D.
Gary Larsen, M.D.
Michael McFadden, M.D.
Richard Middleton, M.D.
Nicole Mihalopoulos, M.D.
Louis A. Moench, M.D.
Michael Stevens, M.D.
Albert Ungricht, M.D.
Michael W. Varner, M.D.
Judith Warner, M.D.
For information on Healthcare Night and how to get involved, please contact Kate Throneburg at or (801) 869-9028.